Jack of all trades, master of none?

So, I decided for my first blogpost I would talk about what I do or more so, what I like to do. As the title states I am a jack of all trades which, unfortunately for me, means I'm a master of none...for now at least.

First off, Lets start with Who am I?

Hi, how are you? I'm Lakeesha, Keesha for short. I'm a police wife, mother of three, business owner, creator, gym junkie and self-proclaimed weirdo. I am an avid DIY-er and my mottos is, " I can do that...I think." about 9 times out of 10, I'm right! Woohoo! Most of my flops happen when it comes to painting anything artistically, so I know my flaws... I'll leave the painting for my sister, she's a true artist. If you stick around long enough, you'll meet her! She is my unofficial manager and collaborating artist for Dearly Rustic!

Now lets get to what I do- My Business: Dearly Rustic!

I make custom furniture and home décor in Alaska; I also dabble in a bit of everything else- interior design, home improvement, landscaping, cake decorating, photography backdrops, sewing, pretty much anything that catches my eye I'll try! Ask me for custom anything and I'll let you know if I can do it!

Anyways, the problem with that, however is that I'm not a master of any of it. With everything I do, I put an abundant amount of pressure on myself to make it perfect, which is why I am working on knowing more about each field that I work in. I want to became a better Business Owner, Creator, Mother and Wife and I'm excited to take you along on this journey with me in hopes to help or inspire someone along the way! If you're looking for the perfect mommy blogger, that's not me. It's going to be a bumpy ride where I'm sure you'll see, first hand, many of my failures but hopefully many triumphs as well! 

If you made it through all that, I appreciate you! Thank for reading -Keesha



  • This is so awesome!! Keesha you are so talented!! ❤️

  • I think you’re pretty awesome!

  • So excited about this!


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